Price: $380

Seller: stacy harris
State: Alabama
City: Houston
Zip code: 77065
Type: Animals

I have a girl sugar glider to rehome. She is 2years old. And she is what you would call standard grey.She eats a variety of diets. I changed her from sun coast to priscilla to bml. She isnt picky. She is semi-social. I play wit her alot, or I used to but now I have a second job & I cant play with her as much as I want to. So I want her to go to a family whos excited about glider, or someone who knows what they are doing. I am asking $380 for her.I am including a decent sized cage. Its 4ft tall. Has a spinning wheel in it.Also food dishes,her pouch. I want her to have her things so the change isnt too much for her.You can email me if intrested. I check my email every morning.Thank you for your time.